Sprawling hospital campus’ need extensive security measures to protect its wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors as well as manage limited car parking spaces. We have deployed large IP network based access control and CCTV systems at two of Scotland’s biggest hospitals. HD cameras are now very popular because you now only need to install one camera where as traditionally you would use four. This represents cost savings and better results.

Higher Education

Universities and colleges present some of the most complex access control requirements across their estates. Smart card technology is often used for access, cashless vending, library and gym membership. Integrating 3rd party student and staff databases to streamline enrolment and ongoing card-holder administration is achievable.  High definition CCTV over a campus network, Visitor management, Licence Plate Recognition is now very common.


Providing a fully integrated Security Management System (SMS) that integrates access, fire, intruder, intercom for a large site is crucial.  An SMS platform will allow security staff to monitor and administer their site from one piece of software.  Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software can offer an even more advanced level of integration to build complex ’cause and effect’ rules for managing threats and allow detailed analysis of site-wide activity.


A modern workplace requires subtlety and sensitivity in terms of its security technology to achieve the right balance between security needs and staff well being.   Managing the flow of large numbers of staff, visitors, contractors and vehicles is a challenge that requires powerful software platforms that are often deemed mission critical to an organisation.  Data from the various security systems needs to be readily available to management across an organisation whether at home, work or abroad and on different computer platforms.

Small Business

For small to medium sized businesses there is a wide range of innovative products on the market that can make a big difference to the security of a site.  Low cost wireless locks are quick to install on office doors, cloud based access control and CCTV makes your site accessible from anywhere and a remotely monitored intruder alarm system can be cheap but highly effective.